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Drinking alone with the moon – Li Bai

From a pot of wine among the flowers 

I drank alone. There was no one with me — 

Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon 

To bring me my shadow and make us three. 

Alas, the moon was unable to drink 

And my shadow tagged me vacantly; 

But still for a while I had these friends 

To cheer me through the end of spring…. 

I sang. The moon encouraged me. 

I danced. My shadow tumbled after. 

As long as I knew, we were boon companions. 

And then I was drunk, and we lost one another. 

…Shall goodwill ever be secure? 

I watch the long road of the River of Stars. 

花间一壶酒, 独酌无相亲; 

举杯邀明月, 对影成三人。 

月既不解饮, 影徒随我身; 

暂伴月将影, 行乐须及春。 

我歌月徘徊, 我舞影零乱; 

醒时同交欢, 醉后各分散。 

永结无情游, 相期邈云汉。


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