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Thoughts 1 – Zhang Jiuling

A lonely swan from the sea flies, 

To alight on puddles it does not deign. 

Nesting in the poplar of pearls 

It spies and questions green birds twain: 

"Don’t you fear the threat of slings, 

Perched on top of branches so high? 

Nice clothes invite pointing fingers, 

High climbers god’s good will defy. 

Bird-hunters will crave me in vain, 

For I roam the limitless sky." 


孤鸿海上来, 池潢不敢顾; 

侧见双翠鸟, 巢在三珠树。 

矫矫珍木巅, 得无金丸惧? 

美服患人指, 高明逼神恶。 

今我游冥冥, 弋者何所慕?


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