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Fan Mattress and Warm Quilt

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Huang Xiang was a man of Anlu, Jiangxia in the East Han Dynasty. His mother
died when he was nine years old and he was very pious to his father. 


He cooled the mattress with a fan in hot summer and warmed the quilt with his
body in cold winter for his father. 


He was familiar with classics when he was young and wrote beautiful articles. 


A saying circulated in the capital that "There is no parallel to Huang Xiang
in Jiang Xia". When he was prefect of Wei County (in today's Hebei) in the
period of Emperor An (107-125 A.D.), the county suffered a flood. 


Huang Xiang relieved the victims with all he had. He wrote the Poem of
Jiugong and the Anthem to King's Crown.



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