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Carve Wood for Worshipping Parents

According to the legend, Ding Lan was a man of Henei (today's Anyang, Henan)
in the East Han Dynasty. 


Both his parents died when he was young. He often thought of his parents'
love and care for him and therefore carved sculptures of his parents with wood. 


He showed filial respect to the sculptures as if they were his parents,
discussing everything with them, eating every meal only after paying respect to
them, reporting to them before going out and meeting them right after returning
home without fail. 


As time went by, his wife didn't pay much respect to the wood sculptures and
even pierced their fingers curiously. 


Blood ran out of the fingers of the wood sculptures unexpectedly. When Ding
Lan returned home, he saw tears in the eyes of the sculptures. He got to know
the fact from his wife and then repudiated


This is the story about "carve wood for worshipping parents".



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