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Carrying Rice for More Than a Hundred Li for parents

Zhong You, with the alias of Zilu or Jilu, was a man in the State of Lu
during the Spring and Autumn Period. He was a favorite disciple of Confucius. He
possessed frank and courageous characters, and was very filial.


At an early age, as his family was poor, he often took wild vegetables as
food, but still he carried sacks of rice for more than a hundred li to raise his


After his parents died, he became a high-ranking official, and then was
dispatched to the State of Chu, followed by a hundred chariots and with 10,000
zhong (ancient unit of capacity) of grain in store.


Sat upon many layers of brocade mattress and enjoyed sumptuous feast before
rows of tripods of food, he often missed his parents and


"Even if I am willing to go back to the times when I ate wild vegetables and
carried rice for more than a hundred li to raise my parents, how could that be


Confucius praised: "You took care of your parents, which can be commented as
doing one’s best during parents’ lifetime and missing parents after they depart
out of this world!" (Zhi Si of Confucius Family



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