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Have used up one’s literary talent or energy

Southern Dynasties of Jiang Yan, word Wen-tung, when he was young, became a
Dingdingyouming writer, his poems and articles at the time received high
acclaims. However, when he is getting older, he has not previously written an
article good, but a lot of setbacks. His poems written in prosaic; and pick up a
pen-yin grip for a long time, still can not write a word, the occasional
inspiration came; poem written, but the textual Kuse, content, plain were
completely useless. So some people to legend, once a boat parked in Chan Jiang
Yan-Ling Monastery river and dream of a self-named Zhang Jingyang person; to his
followers repay a silk, he would arrest a few feet from her, he is also silk.
Thus, his article there will be no wonderful. It was also legend; once the rule
of Jiang Yan in the booth sleeping too; dreamed that a person claiming to Guo
Pu, walked over to his side, his claim to the pen, said to him: "Man Michie, I
have a pen in your place has been a long time, and now should be able to give it
to me the bar! "Jiang Yan heard, they dig out from his arms, he is also a
five-color pen. Reportedly Since then, Jiang Yan on Evans exhausted and could
not write the article in any good.

Jiang Yan's talent has not really run out,
but he was an officer after the one hand, as the Chief busy, on the other hand
also because of career proud of, without their own write, to sweat, they did not
write the. Over time, the article will bring out less, lacking in talent.




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