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Top 10 popular Internet phrases in China in 2013


These are the top 10 internet phrases of the year 2013: 

不明觉厉 Bu Ming Jue Li、十动然拒 Shi Dong Ran Ju、喜大普奔 Xi Da Pu Ben、人艰不拆 Ren Jian Bu Chai、说闹觉余 Shuo Nao Jue Yu、累觉不爱 Lei Jue Bu Ai、火钳刘明 Huo Qian Liu Ming、细思恐极 Xi Si Kong Ji、男默女泪 Nan Mo Nv Lei、不约而同 Bu Yue Er Tong.

And below are their explanations in both Chinese and English.

1. 不明觉厉 Bu Ming Jue Li


Although not quite understand it, but that was amazing.

2. 十动然拒 Shi Dong Ran Ju

Very moved and then refuse

3. 人艰不拆 Ren Jian Bu Chai

Life is so hard that some lies are better not to be exposed.

4.喜大普奔 Xi Da Pu Ben

The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world.

5. 说闹觉余 Shuo Nao Jue Yu

While the other people are having a good time talking and frolicking, I feel myself an unwelcome outsider.

6. 累觉不爱 Lei Jue Bu Ai

I am too tired to love.

7. 火钳刘明 Huo Qian Liu Ming

Leave a message/comment before it becomes a top/hot tweet.

8. 细思恐极 Xi Si Kong Ji

When you think it over, you will feel horrible.

9. 男默女泪 Nan Mo Nv Lei

Men would stop talking and women would shed tears when they see this.

10. 不约而同 Bu Yue Er Tong

He(she) becomes a gay (lesbian) after such a long time without dating.


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