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Li Shangyin: Spring rain


Li Shangyin

I am lying in a white-lined coat while the spring approaches,

But am thinking only of the White Gate City where I cannot be.

…There are two red chambers fronting the cold, hidden by the rain,

And a lantern on a pearl screen swaying my lone heart homeward.

…The long road ahead will be full of new hardship,

With, late in the nights, brief intervals of dream.

Oh, to send you this message, this pair of jade earrings! —

I watch a lonely wildgoose in three thousand miles of cloud.



怅卧新春白袷衣, 白门寥落意多违。

红楼隔雨相望冷, 珠箔飘灯独自归。

远路应悲春晼晚, 残宵犹得梦依稀。

玉珰缄札何由达, 万里云罗一雁飞。



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