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Peaches and Plums Do Not Have to Talk, Yet the World Beats a Path to Them — Natural Attraction

Duing the Western Han Dynasty(206 B.C.-
A.D.24)Period, there was a very famous general whose name was Li Guang. He was
very brave and skillful in battle, and had fought more than seventy battles with
the Huns, an ancient nationality in China. Having made brilliant achievements in
war, he was deeply loved and esteemed by the officers and men as well as the
common people.


However,he did not claim credit for himself and become arrogant,although he
held a high post,commanding a big army,and had rendered outstanding service in
defending the county. He was not only polite and amiable, but also shared weal
and woe with the soldiers. He always had the troops under his commandat
heart,and whenever gifts were bestowed to him by the imperial government,he
distributed the gifts to his officers and men. When marching, he endured the
torments of hunger and thirst as the soldiers did when food and water were in
short supply. When fighting, he charged at the head of his men,and ,when he gave
the order,every soldier advanced bravely to engage in fighting, not fearing


When the sad news of the heath of General Li Guang reached the militaty
camp,the officers and men of the whole army wept bitterly. 





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