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How to be fluent in Chinese


To learn Chinese efficiently, it's necessary to familiarize the language to your ears. Then, it's easier to pronounce correctly and almost automatically; the characters will be much easier to learn. This would create a better understanding of the language.


1.Listen to basic conversations. There are websites providing this for free, such as www.nciku.com. Listen carefully and try to follow. Don't get confused, do it part by part. Section it according to the punctuation marks. Don't worry if the Chinese characters seem all jumbled up, just keep looking at it while following the speaker. Soon you'll realize that most of the conversations use the same characters over and over again.

1. 听基础对话。认真听,跟着说。

2.Learn the phonetics(pinyin) and tones. These alphabets helps a lot, especially when reading a character without audio. Tones are crucial in Mandarin to improve the pronunciation. These are the foundation, so set a firm one.

2. 学拼音和音调。字母表很有用。想要提高你的汉语发音水平,音调是非常好重要的。

3.Watch in 2 languages. Pick your favourite TV series, movies or animation. Either watch it in English then in Chinese or make a use of the subtitles. There are free online videos at  English title/keywords in the search box.www.youku.com. It contains some of America's TV series,animation, etc but with Chinese audio. The website is also in Chinese, there's no need to understand any of it, just type the English title/keywords in the search box.

3. 看双语视频。选一些你喜欢的电视剧、电影或动画片。看中英文字幕,或者只看一种语言的字幕也行。

4.Try reading and writing the characters without help. At this point, some characters would have become familiar as they are so often used. Learn how to write those characters and continue with harder ones.

4. 尝试自己阅读和写字。你可能对部分常用汉字很熟练了,那就开始学点难的字吧。

5.Learn the grammar. This would help if there are still questions on how to arrange the words after listening and watching the videos. More details would also be learned from this.

5. 学语法。语法很关键。听完对话、看完视频后,如果还有疑问,语法能帮助你了解汉语的语序规则。


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