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How to haggle in China (Vocab)

1  Before reading this page you should read "Begin Learning Mandarin Chinese" or visit similar sites on the web in order to help you to pronounce the phrases.

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2  Learn these few easy to say phrases that you can use while haggling in China. The first set of character are in traditional and the second in simplified character. The phonetics are pinyin, a way of writing pronunciation with the alphabet.

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How much is this?

這個多少? or 这个多少?【zhè gè duō shǎo】

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No, no, no.

不﹗不﹗不﹗【bù! bù! bù!】

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Too expensive!

太貴 or 太贵(了)!【tài guì (le)】

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A little cheaper.

便宜點兒 or 便宜点儿【piányi diǎn'ér】

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25 Yuan.

二十五塊 or 二十五块【èrshíwǔ kuài】

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I don't want it.

我不要【wǒ bùyào】

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Really, I don't want it. (more serious)

真的﹐我不要【zhēnde, wǒ bù yào】

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He is selling it for 13 Yuan. (Literally "He only wants 13 Yuan")

他只要十三块【tā zhī yào shí sān kuài】

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3  They may say:

Come back! Come back!

來﹗來﹗來﹗or 来!来!来!【lái! lái! lái!】

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A little more.

貴點兒 or 贵点儿【guì diǎn'ér】

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