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8 out of 10 New Zealand parents want kids to learn Mandarin – survey


A new survey shows eight out of 10 New Zealanders think children should learn a second language at school, with Mandarin being the most popular choice.


The finding is part of a study into Kiwis' perceptions of people from Asia.


Dr Andrew Butcher, research director for Asia New Zealand, says there has been a "real uptick" in recent years of New Zealanders accepting Asians as part of our society.

亚洲新西兰基金会研究主任Andrew Butcher博士称:“近年来,新西兰人的确越来越能接受亚裔作为我们社会的一份子“。

"They're having more contact with Asians in schools, in the workplace, through families, through festivals," he said on Firstline this morning.

Andrew Butcher博士指出:“他们与亚裔接触的机会越来越多,包括学校、工作场合、家庭、节日等。”

He points to Lydia Ko as an example of an Asian New Zealander who's being celebrated as a Kiwi first and foremost.

Lydia Ko是亚裔新西兰人的典型例子,她被评为新西兰先进个人。

But the survey also showed a growing resentment towards Asians in regards to rising housing prices in Auckland.



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