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Target Group:

This course is designed for those who already have some knowledge of Chinese or completed Pre-Advanced Chinese. New participants who:

(1) have at least 200 hours language study

(2) have a reading vocabulary of 3500 words are welcome to join this class.

(3)have passed HSK 5 with high score

The aim is to develop participants’ conversational abilities, improve their fluency of speaking, make long conversations or speech on most topics, talk and even argue with native Chinese naturally and independently.

Learning Objectives:

Practical skills

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to conduct conversations in Chinese on a range of topics, and:

(1) Can read text about disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, nourishing, health care, consult and communicate about previous topics

(2) Interview others, can read the background about the interviewer, use proper words to bring the interview, ask questions, end the talk, can write a news comment in approximately 300 characters.

(3)Talk about your belief and religion, state your view about dream and belief, can talk about the topics about marriage, life goal.

(4) Can read some non-scholastic articles about language and culture at phenomenon, discuss with other about the differences between different languages and culture phenomenon.

(5)Can read some popular literature about history and Chinese philosophy; introduce the Confucians and the main veining of history.

Linguistic knowledge

Upon completion of this course, you will:

(1) Learn more usage of complicated sentence patterns, such as complex clause, sentence with special form.

(2) Learn approximately 800 new vocabulary items and phrases, and reach the words capacity of 4600

(3) Involve in more topic and talk more deeply, such as social issues, Chinese politics and policy, traditional value and philosophy, and value system of Chinese people.

(4) Read article with at least 500 characters per minute.

(5)Can summary the main meaning of article, abbreviate some long passages.

(6)Write article with more than 1000 Chinese characters in common topics.

Cultural awareness

Your language learning experience will be complemented with an exploration of culture. You will be exposed to Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems and identities, and some current affairs.

Everyone interested in learning some Chinese language will be warmly welcomed to our course.


Course Structure:

(1) Review&Warming Up
(2) New Words

(5)Hot&Popular Topic Discussion
(6)Culture Corner

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Course Curriculum

Unit 1 Mobile & Social media
Unit 2 Curiosity & psychology
Review & Quiz 1 00:00:00
Unit 3 Marine life & Evolution
Unit 4 Travel notes ,Terraced field & Field photography
Review & Quiz 2 00:00:00
Unit 5 Family instruction & Traditional moral values
Review & Quiz 3 00:00:00

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