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How Much Do Italians Love China?丨罗马上空响起了义勇军进行曲!

Grazie Cina
3月14日晚18时许,意大利罗马A线地铁站附近的小区响起中国国歌《义勇军进行曲》,并有人大声高喊 “Grazie Cina!”(感谢中国),周围居民纷纷鼓掌致意。At around 18:00 in the evening of March 14, the Chinese national anthem “March of the Volunteers” was played in the neighborhood near the subway station of line A in Rome, and some people shouted “Grazie Cina!” (thanks China), the surrounding residents applauded.


To thank China for helping Italy, Italian girl Aurora painted a picture. She said, “this picture is dedicated to doctors, nurses and those who come from China to help us.


The time when the painting gained attention on Chinese social media, it’s also the time the outbreak of Italy was severe.


On the evening of March 12, a team of nine medical experts from the national health commission and the Red Cross society of China arrived in Rome with some medical supplies donated by the China.


Chinese experts said they would seize the time to learn about the epidemic in Italy and fully share China’s experience and practices with their Italian counterparts to tide over the difficulties.


希望这份来自中国的力量和善意,能够帮助世界早日战胜疫情!May this strength and goodwill from China,
Can help the world to defeat the epidemic!


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