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You Never Know Why a Song Suddenly Becomes Popular| 一不小心就火了

Recently, Chinese singer Fei Yuqing’s “One Cut Plum” became popular in Europe and America, and everyone tried this song one after another.





“Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao” has become a popular meme. On Tik Tok, netizens popularly played this challenge. This is like a street code. It seems as long as you can sing the song, you are a person of taste.

“雪花飘飘,北风萧萧”成了一句流行梗。在Tik Tok上,网友们流行玩这项挑战。这就像是一句街头暗号一样。这似乎意味着只要你会唱,你就是有品味的人。

Netizens use “Xue hua piao piao, bei feng xiao xiao” to self-deprecating: “Life to reach trough, the environment is deteriorating, but I can not do anything.” 
“雪花飘飘、北风萧萧” 这两句被翻译成中文后,瞬间夹杂了伤感,无奈的感情,网友用它来自嘲:“人生到达低谷,环境也逐渐恶化,却对此无能为力。”

There seems to be a misunderstanding here. In China, the “Plum Blossom” in “One Cut Plum” is an unyielding symbol of life, and it also expresses the hero and heroine’s loyal love for love.


Social media does help foster cultural exchanges between countries with totally different backgrounds, though in unexpected ways sometimes. You never know when and how a certain song suddenly becomes popular,” one commented.


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