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Learning Objective

The course is designed for those whose Chinese level are equal to  HSK level 4 or  who have completed the contents of Level3 group learning. It aim to develop participants’ conversational abilities, improve their pronunciation, increase their vocabulary and extend their understanding of Chinese grammar.


How it works:

  1. Once you register for the program, we will arrange a quiz to test your Chinese level.
  2. After receiving payment, we will add you to the corresponding WeChat group according to your Chinese level.
  3. Learning materials including words, sentences, grammers and voice message will be sent to the learning group everyday, you can also download the materials on our website.
  4. Exercises or homework will be paired with learning materials, you can learn and practice in the group at any time and any where.
  5. Valuable questions about Chinese learning from you will be gathered and explained by our professional teachers.

Learning Outcomes:

 1. Practical Daily expressions

We select 10 daily topic, more than 50 key phrases and sentences, help you speak naturally like Chinese.

 2. Improve your listening

1~2 standard Demonstration recordings each day,50+ in total,  let learners fell under the influence of real Chinese language environment.

 3. Standard Pronunciation,train your speaking

Professional Chinese teachers make recordings, learners follow to read,and teachers help you to correct,make your speaking  improve rapidly.

 4. Form a good habit of learning

Teachers will guide and correct the mistakes of learners every work day, we learn in a group, can communicate and help each other.

Easy to learn, Easy to make friends, Easy to make progress.

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Course Curriculum

Week 1
Day 1 Sending parcel by express 寄快递 00:00:00
Day 2 Receiving parcel 收快递 00:00:00
Day 3 Ordering food by phone 电话叫餐 00:00:00
Day 4 Booking a table in restaurant 餐馆订桌 00:00:00
Day 5 Shopping online 网上购物 00:00:00
Week 2
Day 6 Shopping festival 购物节 00:00:00
Day 7 Sharing travel 共享出行 00:00:00
Day 8 Online car-hailing 网约车 00:00:00
Day 9 Free tour 自由行 00:00:00
Day 10 Traveling with travel group 跟团游 00:00:00
Mid-term Q&A
Q&A 00:00:00
Week 3
Day 11 Buying food in street 街头小吃 00:00:00
Day 12 Buffet 自助餐 00:00:00
Day 13 Family gethering 家庭聚会 00:00:00
Day 14 Attending Chinese wedding 参加中国婚礼 00:00:00
Day 15 Business banquet 商务宴会 00:00:00
Week 4
Day 16 Promoting products 推销 00:00:00
Day 17 Ridicule the housing price 吐槽房价 00:00:00
Day 18 TV entertainment show 电视娱乐秀 00:00:00
Day 19 In hairdressing shop 在理发店 00:00:00
Day 20 Blind date 相亲 00:00:00

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