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Most Common Daily Chinese Vocabulary(100 Videos, 800+words)

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      Chinlingo Chinese opens a video course“Just say it” for beginner to learn daily vocabulary. Just Say It is a coursed featured by the utterly basic and common Chinese words. The experienced TCFL (Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language) teacher Vicky offers a light-hearted interpretation of the words, and interacts with you in the ever-interesting games. By learning the course, you will be able to expand your Chinese vocabulary and promote your communication skill in Chinese rapidly.


Just Say It has been developed based on the Chinese word formation characteristics and with reference to the HSK Test (Level 1-3) syllabus. It consists of 9 series, namely transport, diet, personal information, shopping, health, life, socializing, number and grammar, all of which are basically related to the life necessities of Chinese learners. The course is divided into 100 periods, each of which lasts 3 minutes. You are expected to learn 5 words within each 3 minutes. Word teaching is supplemented by vivid interpretation with illustrations and cartoons. In addition, over 400 flashcards with the real human voice are provided to overcome your difficulties in pronunciation. Also, 400 exercises, 100 Chinese character instructions and 100 articles about Chinese culture are attached to help you learn Chinese in an all-round way.

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