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Interactive Group Learning for Pinyin and Characters

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Learning Objectives:

This is a course for complete beginners. It aims to help participants learn Pinyin and some basic Chinese characters.The teaching approach of this course is interactive and mainly focus on helping students to lay a solid foundation for Chinese learning.


How it works:

  1. Once you register for the program, we will arrange a quiz to test your Chinese level.
  2. After receiving payment, we will add you to the corresponding WeChat group according to your Chinese level.
  3. Learning materials including words, sentences, grammers and voice message will be sent to the learning group everyday, you can also download the materials on our website.
  4. Exercises or homework will be paired with learning materials, you can learn and practice in the group at any time and any where.
  5. Valuable questions about Chinese learning from you will be gathered and explained by our professional teachers.
  6. You can choose to continue with the higher group if you’ve reached higher level after the learning phase.
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