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HSK 3 Reading-1(7 Classes)

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Target Group:

Chinese learners who are interested in Chinese and who have learned Chinese to some extent; Chinese learners who feel like communicating in Chinese when travelling, studying and working in China; Chinese students who hopes to pass the HSK test (Level 3).


Learning Objectives:

Get a vocabulary of about 600 words and master the grammar knowledge of HSK(Level 3); achieve the HSK Level 3 through systematic study and be competent for the HSK test (Level 3); promote the comprehensive Chinese proficiency and improve Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing completely; be able to communicate basically in Chinese during work, study, life, etc; be able to communicate basically in Chinese when travelling in China.


Learning Content:

  1. To express alternative questions and the expression of superlative degree
  2. To express the continuing of an action or state
  3. To express one’s ideas and inquire about others’ opinions
  4. To express the complicated complement of direction
  5. To express the approximate number and general idea.
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