Pre-advanced Chinese

Language in use:Chinese,English Lesson Duration:15Hours
Class equipment requirements:
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Total Cost:
  • 3,600 Coins(360 dollars)
  • 20 Lessons

Target Group: 

This course is designed for those who already have a some knowledge of Chinese or completed Chinese Intermediate 3. New participants who:  

  1.      have at least 150 hours language study 

  2.      have a reading vocabulary of 1400 words are welcome to join this class.

  3.      have passed HSK 4  

The aim is to develop participants'conversational abilities, improve their pronunciation, increase their vocabulary and characters, and extend their understanding of Chinese grammar.

Learning Objectives:

Practical skills

 Upon completion of this course, you will be able to conduct conversations in Chinese on a         range of topics, and: 

  1.       rend house at agency and online;can read Chinese menu and the articles or TV shows  which introduce Chinese food and food custom;

  2.      make a travel plan and read guide,can understand the introductions which agency and TV give,can share the travel experience;

  3.      can read the notes with invitation,farewell,apology,thank;can understand the  implication     meaning beyond the words;

  4.      can read the sale ads and flyers,understand the description about the products and         service,communicate the price,discount,recipt,and after-sale service;

  5.      can read and understand the introduction about openning account, depositing, withdrawing at bank;can read the intruction on the automatic teller machine; 

  6.      talk about the internet and hot news; understand the comments about sport matches;

  7.      can read and understand the rules and principles,understand the requires from the               boss,parents,teachers,make submit a written application or suggestion letter to relevant         government departments

  8.      can read and understand the description of a job,and the request about procedures of         entry;understand the brief introduction about the bussiness or management of the company.

Linguistic knowledge

Upon completion of this course, you wil:

  1.       learn more usage of complicated adverbs,pronouns and some special structures of           sentence.

  2.      learn approximately 800 new vocabulary items and phrases,and reach the words capacity of 3500

  3.      involve in more topic and talk more deeply,such as art,Chinese literature,traditional             comstom,and social rules and values

  4.      give a long speech and debate with some topic.

  5.      write a critical or argumentative writing article with more than 300 Chinese charaters.

Cultural awareness

Your language learning experience will be complemented with an exploration of culture. You will be exposed to Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems and identities, and some current affairs.

Everyone interested in learning some Chinese language will be warmly welcomed to our course.



lesson 1 爱的细节1

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 2 爱的细节 2

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 3 留串钥匙给父母1

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 4 留串钥匙给父母 2

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 5 体重与节食 1

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 6 体重与节食 2

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 7 抽象艺术美不美 1

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 8 抽象艺术美不美 2

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 9 子路背米

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 10 子路背米2

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 11 除夕的由来

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 13 成语故事两则-1

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 14 成语故事两则-2

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 15 朝三暮四的古今义

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 16 海外用户玩儿微信

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 17 家乡的萝卜饼

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 18 家乡的萝卜饼

Class hour:0Hours45Minutes0Seconds

lesson19 汉字叔叔

Class hour:45Minutes
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