Elementary Chinese

Language in use:Chinese,English Lesson Duration:15Hours
Class equipment requirements:
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Total Cost:
  • 3,600 Coins(360 dollars)
  • 20 Lessons

Target Group: 

The course is designed for those who have completed the Beginner Chinese or who have basic knowledge of the Chinese language, including:

  • having completed more than 40 learning hours

  • know about 100 basic Chinese characters, 200 basic Chinese words

  • or have passed HSK level 1

Learning Objectives:

Practical skills

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to conduct conversations in Chinese on a range of topics, and:

  • talk about will and ability

  • express an unhealthy condition and see a doctor

  • ask and talk about possibility and probability

  • feel more comfortable using basic Chinese vocabulary

  • write a short passage about someone’s personal information or hobbies

  • write a short letter to a friend about your daily life

Linguistic knowledge

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • have an enhanced understanding of Chinese Pinyin system

  • understand the four basic sentence and six question sentence structures

  • understand more basic simplified Chinese characters up to 250 characters

  • learn the required vocabulary up to 350 words

Cultural awareness

Your language learning experience will be complemented with an exploration of culture. You will be exposed to Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems and identities, and some current affairs.

Everyone interested in learning some Chinese language will be warmly welcomed to our course.


lesson 1 今天比昨天冷。

Class hour:45Minutes
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