Pre-Intermediate Chinese

Language in use:Chinese,English Lesson Duration:11Hours15Minutes
Class equipment requirements:
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Total Cost:
  • 2,700 Coins(270 dollars)
  • 15 Lessons

Target Group: 

This course is intended for those who have completed Elementary Chinese. It aims to develop integrated skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking at the Pre-intermediate level.

The course is designed for those who have completed the Elementary Chinese  or who have:

  • completed more than 60 learning hours

  • known about 200 basic Chinese characters, 400 basic Chinese words

  • passed HSK level 2

placement interview is required, except for continuing students with advancement approval from previous class.

Learning Objectives:

The course seeks to develop language learners’ integrated skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking at the intermediate level, with a special focus on reading and writing.

Practical skills

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to conduct conversations in Chinese on range of topics, and:

  • make a comment on one’s action or behaviours

  • express your emotions and opinions

  • consult others' opinions and make suggestions

  • ask for reasons and explain reasons

  • remind and urge somebody

  • write a short passage or letter to describe your life and hobbies

Linguistic knowledge

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • understand and enhance the usage of sentence tones and the stress in phrase/sentence

  • further understand Chinese grammar (including the usage of complements, special sentences structures)

  • have the ability to read expositive and narrative articles written in commonly used vocabulary

  • learn approximately 400 new vocabulary items and phrases

Cultural awareness

Your language learning experience will be complemented with an exploration of culture. You will be exposed to Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems and identities, and some current affairs.


lesson 1 周末你有什么打算

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 2 下个月我想去旅游

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 3 雨下得真大。

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 4 你没看出来吗?

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 5 复习(一)

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 6 手里拿着红色的手机

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 7 谁最忙

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 8 我最近越来越胖了。

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 9 我搬家了

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 10 复习(二)

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 11 太阳从西边出来了

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 12 他的汉语说得跟中国人一样好。

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 13 别忘了把空调关了

Class hour:1Hours0Minutes0Seconds

lesson 14 照相机被拿走了

Class hour:0Hours45Minutes0Seconds
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