Living in China:Health

Language in use:Chinese,English Lesson Duration:1Hours30Minutes
Class equipment requirements:
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Total Cost:
  • 360 Coins(36 dollars)
  • 2 Lessons

Living in China Course

Target Group: 

Chinese learners who have a weak foundation of Chinese learning but have to communicate with Chinese people in work or life or would soon work, live or study in China. 

Learning Objectives:

Master the Chinese knowledge to fulfill the communication needs on various life scenes; be able to complete communication in Chinese skillfully on a specific scene; grasp the communication skills for life in China; get to know related culture knowledge for communication with Chinese people; get to know certain information about life, study and work in China; after learned completely, the course is supposed to meet various needs for communication in Chinese on certain specific scenes. 

Learning Content:

1. The possible scenes for life in China are included in the course, including health care, shopping, schooling, work, entertainment, dining, etc. 

2. The course consists of the basic words and grammar;

3. Usages of words and grammar are taught on the simulated real dialogue scenes.

4. Related culture knowledge is involved. 


Lesson1:How do you feel today?

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson2:What’s wrong with you?

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 3: 低头族

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 4: 工作狂

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 5: 闹钟的危害

Class hour:45Minutes
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