Special Course for HSK 1+2

Language in use:Chinese,English Lesson Duration:11Hours15Minutes
Class equipment requirements:
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Total Cost:
  • 2,700 Coins(270 dollars)
  • 15 Lessons

Target Group: Chinese beginners who are interested in Chinese or who have just ever learned Pinyin; Chinese learners who have learned Chinese but failed to get a solid knowledge and hope for a systematic study; Chinese learners who hope to pass the HSK test (Level 2)

Learning Objectives:

Get a vocabulary of about 300 words and master the grammar knowledge of HSK2; achieve the HSK Level 2 through systematic study and be competent for the HSK test (Level 2); get a solid foundation of Chinese learning and improve Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehensively; reach the top level as a Chinese beginner and be able to communicate on daily topics in Chinese.

Learning Content:

1. Greeting, farewell, appreciation, apology and welcome. 

2. Introduce oneself briefly (name, age, hobbies, capabilities, etc.)

3. Express the quantity, order and time.

4. Simple description (weather, size, mood, colors, etc.)

5. Propose and answer simple questions (shopping, transport, see a doctor, etc)

6. Express simple emotions and opinions. 



Lesson 1 Greeting

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 2 Self-introdution

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 3 Expression of time

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 4 Weather&color

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 5 Transport means

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 6 Simple expressions of shopping

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 7 Expression of emotions

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 8 Expressing opinions

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 9 Explaining reasons

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 10 Health

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 11 Making comparison

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 12 Relationship

Class hour:45Minutes

Lesson 13 Making a Request

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 14 你别抽烟了

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 15 你怎么不吃了?

Class hour:45Minutes

lesson 17 门开着呢。

Class hour:45Minutes
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