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The Pinyin course is compulsory for every Chinese beginner. In Chinlingo Chinese Pinyin, teachers present the pronunciation of initials, finals and tones personally. As the emphasis, the pronunciation skills of initial-final combination as well as the general rules of tone shifting are interpreted. With examples of common words in Chinese, the beginners are able to practice their pronunciation easily.

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The Most Basic 7  Requirements for Learning Pinyin

  • Don’t be shy and find more practice opportunities.
  • Start to build up your vocab lists, flashcards, stickers.
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us.



As the first step in Chinese learning, Pinyin facilitates the Chinese pronunciation.

Chinlingo Pinyin Course is the most comprehensive Pinyin course, Initials and finals taught together to help you master the pronunciation essentials, valid for all ages (kids、teen、adults), it’s designed for the very beginners and will give you a fantastic experience and skills to start Chinese learning.

Chinlingo Chinese Pinyin consists of 9 lesson and each class contains:

  • Pronunciation Learning Chinlingo Chinese Pinyin consists of 9 lessons to help you master the pronunciation essentials within 45 min.
  • 10 exercises at the end of each lesson will reinforce your study.
  • An extended reading article attached to each lesson will expand your knowledge about Pinyin.
Who is the target audience?
  • The Pinyin course is compulsory for every Chinese beginner. No previous knowledge of Chinese is needed.
  • Foreigners all age that want to learn Chinese quickly are recommended to learn by using Pinyin.


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Course Curriculum

Pinyin for zero beginners
Pinyin Lesson 1: The Most Basic 7 PinyinFREE 00:08:35
Pinyin Lesson 2: 8 Sounds to Make You SoundFREE 00:06:05
Pinyin Lesson 3: 7 Difficult Sounds 00:05:47
Pinyin Lesson 4: 7 Nose-related Sounds 00:04:16
Pinyin Lesson 5: Sounds to be Confused with English 00:03:14
Pinyin Lesson 6: The Most Difficult 7 Pinyin 00:06:05
Pinyin Lesson 7: 8 Sounds Never Seen in English 00:07:13
Pinyin Lesson 8: The Last 7 Sounds to Make You Perfec 00:03:37
Pinyin Lesson 9: Review & Summary 00:04:58

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