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New breath-taking glass skywalk opened on Tianmen Mountain


Another thrilling see-through skywalk has been unveiled for the brave ones! The Coiling Dragon Cliff glass-bottomed skywalk (盘龙崖玻璃栈道), opened on August 1 on Tianmen Mountain, Hunan province, is a new scenic spot worth exploring. 

Standing on the skywalk, visitors will enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the winding and zigzagging Big Gate Road (99道弯盘山公路), an 11km road with 99 bends to reach the mountaintop. The road looks like a coiling dragon when viewed from above. That's why the skywalk is named "Coiling Dragon Cliff". 

It is 100 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1,518 meters above sea level, giving tourists a very clear view of the plunging valley on the other side of the handrail.  

With the opening, Coiling Dragon Cliff becomes the third glass-bottomed walkway available on the Tianmen Mountain, which is praised as the most beautiful garden in the air and wonderland on earth. 

Since 2011, China has seen a boom in glass-bottomed skywalks and sightseeing platforms. Take a look at the list below: 

Tianmen Mountain Skywalk (West), Hunan 

Opene in October 1, 2011

Length: 60 meters 

Width: 1.6 meters 

Altitude: about 1,430 meters

It's constructed based on the Ghost-valley Plank Road hanging along the cliff. 

Tianmen Mountain Skywalk (East), Hunan 

Opened in April, 2015 

Altitude: about 1,400 meters 

Length: 60 meters 

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass-bottomed Bridge, Hunan 

It underwent safety tests in this June, and it will be opened to the public in the second half of 2016.  

Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark Glass-bottomed Bridge, Hunan 

Opened in September, 2015

Length: 300 meters 

Altitude: 180 meters 

Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark Musical Glass-bottomed Bridge, Hunan  

Opened in May, 2015 

Length: 180 meters 

Altitude: 300 meters 

It's fitted with pressure sensors which play 70 different notes, so anyone crossing the path can compose a tune at the same time. This is the first and the only one to add music to a skywalk. 

Wanfo Mountain Glass Skywalk in Huaihua, Hunan 

Opened in June, 2016 

Length: about 350 meters 

Relative height difference: 120 meters 

Length: 40 meters 

Altitude: 600 meters 

Phoenix Mountain Glass Skywalk in Dandong, Liaoning 

Opened in March, 2013 

Altitude: about 700 meters 

Length: 102 meters (the glass-bottomed part is 31 meters long) 

Mount Baishi Glass Skywalk, Hebei 

Opened in September, 2014 

Altitude: 1,900 meters 

Length: 95 meters 

Width: 2 meters 

Jingniang Lake Glass Skywalk, Handan, Heibei 

Opened in June, 2016 

Altitude: 920 meters 

Length: 300 meters 

Zhushan Botanic Garden Glass-bottomed Bridge, Handan, Heibei 

Opened in July, 2016 

Span: 220 meters 

Lingshan Mountain Glass Skywalk in Shangrao, Jiangxi 

Altitude: 1,200 meters 

Length: 21.8 (the glass-bottomed part) 

Dongtian Wonderland Glass Skywalk in Yingde, Guangzhou 

Length: 30 meters 

Width: 2 meters 

It's the first glass skywalk built above a karst cave. 

Yunyang Longgang Glass Bridge, Chongqing 

Opened in April, 2015 

Altitude: 1,010 meters 

Length: 26.68 meters 

Vertical height: 718 meters 

Tiantangzhai Glass Skywalk in Luotian, Heibei 

Opened in August, 2015

Width: 1.8 meters 

Length: 70 meters 

Altitude: 1,080 meters 

Chishan Mountain Glass Skywalk in Wanfu, Liaoning 

Opened in October, 2015 

Length: 100 meters 

Width: 2 meters 

Vertical height: 50 meters 

Tianyun Mountain Glass Skywalk in Pinggu, Beijing 

Opened in October, 2015 

Length: 160 meters 

Tianhe Valley Glass Skywalk in Shidu, Beijing 

Length: 150 meters 

Qingjiang Fangshan Glass Skywalk, Hubei 

Opened in April, 2016 

Length: 236 meters 

Height: 166 meters 

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