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New Zealand schools embrace Mandarin Chinese learning

Chinese in New Zealand, Chinese teacher, Kahutara School

Kahutara School is hosting a Mandarin language assistant who will also share her knowledge with two other Wairarapa schools.

Kahutara School正聘用一位中国汉语教师志愿者在该校教授普通话课程,这名教师还将在Wairarapa的另外两所学校教授汉语普通话。

Principal Clare Crawford said Ren Yanan started at the school this week through the Confucius Institute after several days of orientation in the capital city.

Kahutara School校长Clare Crawford称,任亚楠老师从本周起开始在该校执教,她来自孔子学院,之前在惠灵顿接受了几天的指导后开始走上教师岗位。

For the coming year Ms Ren, 24, will teach three days a week at the 108-pupil country school, while also assisting to teach Mandarin for a day a week each at Pirinoa and Featherston schools. She is from the Shanxi Province and has studied English with a major in American literature at Nanjing Normal University.


"I will be teaching some Mandarin and will also share some aspects with the kids of China and Chinese culture."


Mrs Crawford said both Featherston and Pirinoa schools had previously enjoyed the benefits of the visiting language teachers from China, as had Martinborough School last year. "This is our third year of being accepted as a host school and Yanan will be living with one of our parents."

Crawford校长称,Featherston和Pirinoa两所学校此前均从来自中国的汉语教师项目中获益,Martinborough School也是如此,"这是我们连续第三年被选为目标校,亚楠将寄宿在一个学生的父母家里。"

Mrs Crawford said the New Zealand curriculum for Year 7 and 8 made study compulsory of a language other than English and Maori, "so we for the past three years have chosen Mandarin".


"Because the Confucius Institute accepted us and we're able to be part of the programme, and it's an awesome opportunity. The chance to learn Mandarin is something we can't really turn down, and the teachers themselves become part of everyday school life, part of the school family."


Ms Ren travelled to New Zealand with a group of 48 Mandarin language assistants and was welcomed to New Zealand during a visit to Parliament a fortnight ago. The graduates, from 16 universities in China, will spend the coming year assisting to teach Mandarin in 112 schools throughout the country.


About 128 Mandarin language assistants are today working in New Zealand primary, intermediate and secondary schools as part of a programme run by the country's three Confucius Institutes, with support from the Ministry of Education.


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