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Filial Conduct That Impressed The Gods: Shun The Great

Filial Conduct That Impressed The Gods: Shun The Great

Shun, a legendary ancient emperor and one of the Five Emperors, had a surname of Yao and a last name of Chonghua. He was also known as Yushi or called as Yushun in Chinese history.

According to the legend, his father Gusou (literally the blind old-man), stepmother and half brother Xiang plotted to kill him for many times:

They let Shun revamp the roof of granary and set fire under the barn, Shun jumped to escape with two bamboo hats in hand; they also let Shun dig a well, but Gusou and Xiang filled soil to the well while the digging, Shun then dug underground tunnel to escape.

Afterwards, Shun didn't resent and was still humble to his father and loved his younger brother.

His conducts of filial piety moved the King of Heaven. When Shun cultivated in Mount Li, elephants ploughed for him while birds weeded for him.

Emperor Yao heard that Shun was a filial son with the talents of dealing with political affairs, and married off his two daughters, Ehuang and Nvying, to Shun.

Through years of observation and tests, Emperor Yao selected Shun as his successor. After Shun ascended the throne as the Son of Heaven, he still called on his father respectfully, and granted the leud title to Xiang.


舜,传说中的远古帝王,五帝之一,姓姚,名重华,号有虞氏,史称虞舜。 相传他的父亲瞽叟及继母、异母弟象,多次想害死他; 让舜修补谷仓仓顶时,从谷仓下纵火,舜手持两个斗笠跳下逃脱;让舜掘井时,瞽叟与象却下土填井,舜掘地道逃脱。 事后舜毫不嫉恨,仍对父亲恭顺,对弟弟慈爱。 他的孝行感动了天帝。舜在厉山耕种,大象替他耕地,鸟代他锄草。 帝尧听说舜非常孝顺,有处理政事的才干,把两个女儿娥皇和女英嫁给他 经过多年观察和考验,选定舜做他的继承人。舜登天子位后,去看望父亲,仍然恭恭敬敬,并封象为诸侯。


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