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Chinlingo Podcast│Is it really funny to say the names of Southeast Asian countries in Chinese? (2)

We presented you the Chinese names of some Southeast Asian countries last time? Do you find they are similar to their English equivalences?


Today, we would introduce the names of some more Southeast Asian countries. Get your ears prepared.


1、泰国 Tài guó

the Kingdom of Thailand


The Chinese name shares the same pronunciation with “Thai” in its English name “Thailand”. The beautiful scenes, temples and night markets are the favorite of Chinese tourists. It is probably one of their favorite travel destinations in Southeast Asia.


2、柬埔寨 Jiǎn pǔ zhài

Kingdom of Cambodia


The Chinese name has been transliterated from its Cantonese pronunciation, so it differs slightly from its English equivalence.


3、文莱 Wén lái

the Nation of Brunei


It must be the country in Southeast Asia, whose Chinese pronunciation differs most from its English equivalence. So follow me to repeat the name,  文莱, 文莱, 文莱!


4、菲律宾 Fēi lǜ bīn

Republic of the Philippines


Another country whose Chinese name resembles its English equivalence. To the Chinese, its bananas must be the best known.



5、缅甸 Miǎn diàn

Republic of the Union of Myanmar


The Chinese pronunciation is different from its English equivalence. It may be similar to the  pronunciation by a local dialect there, I guess. If you happen to be a Burmese native, please leave a message and tell me if I’m right.


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