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Chinese phrases about 2016 UEFA European Championship

What's the hottest topic recently? Yes, it's 2016 UEFA European Championship, the world's second-biggest soccer tournament, just second to the World Cup. Millions of football fans all over the world have been crazy for the 24-team tournament in the 51 games. Wanna join the world carnival? Let's start with some useful Chinese phrases about football.


1. 夺冠 (duó guàn): Lift the silverware

This is literally what happens when a team wins a major trophy. Everyone goes insane as the winning team gets to "lift the silverware". 


2. 红牌罚下 (hóng pái fá xià): Heads for an early bath

This means a player get rejected from the game. Might as well go for a shower since there's nothing better to do, right? 



3. 击中球门 (jī zhòng qiú mén): Hit the woodwork 

This refers to a shot that ends up hitting the goalposts. 


4. 奋力拼抢 (fèn lì pīn qiǎng): Get stuck in

If you've ever played defense, you should know that a player has to go in hard and take no prisoners if he wants to do the job well. 


5. 守门员的低级错误 (shǒu mén yuán de dī jí cuò wù): Howler 

As admirable as every goalkeeper is for risking life and limb to protect the goal, sometimes they may make stupid mistakes and really screw things up without any good excuse. 


6. "护身符" 球星 (hù shēn fú qiú xīng): The Talisman 

This will be frequently heard when a team has a star player, their "talisman", whom they pretty much rely on to win games. Without the "talisman", winning becomes much more difficult. 

"护身符" 常用于形容一支球队里的明星球员,就是他们赖以赢得比赛的人。没了"护身符",打赢比赛就难多了。

7. "电吹风式" 咆哮 (diàn chuī fēng shì páo xiào): Hair Dryer Treatment 

David Beckham: "The fear of getting the hairdryer was the reason why we all played so well. He was a manager you wanted to do well for." It's said that the phrase comes from the world famous football coach, Alex Ferguson, who always roars at the players with bad performance. The scolded players say that it feels like getting the hairdryer.

贝克汉姆说:"因为害怕受到电吹风式的待遇,我们才都踢得这么好。他就是一位你想要为之做好的教练。" 据说,这种说法出自世界著名的足球教练Alex Ferguson. 他常对表现不理想的球员狂暴怒吼,被吼的球员们说,感觉就像被电吹风吹过一样。

8. 磨屁股时间 (mó pì gǔ shí jiān): Squeaky bum time

It refers to that nerve-wracking period of time when a team is up by one, but there are still a few minutes left for the losing side to make a comeback. When fans get this nervous, they tend to move around uneasily in their seats, creating a squeaky sound. 


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