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How to classify websites in Chinese

learn chinese, How to classify websites in Chinese

There are numerous websites, and we use different websites every day. But do you know how to classify different types of websites in Chinese. 


1. Social Media sites 社交网站 (shè jiāo wǎng zhàn)

I don't have time to try out every new social media network that pops up.


2. Online Services 服务型网站 (fú wù xíng wǎng zhàn)

It's an online service that helps people to learn Chinese.


These services can be free of charge, freemium service, or need subscription. 

这些网站提供的service可能是免费的,也有可能是需要付费订阅的(subscription services)。

3. E-commerce sites 电商 (diàn shāng)

Like Tmall, Taobao and JD. 

天猫、淘宝、京东等在线销售商品的网站就是E-commerce sites,即电商。

4. News sites 新闻网站 (xīn wén wǎng zhàn)

It’s also known as news portal. “Portal” here means that the pages contains many links, and these links connect people to other websites. These websites include XINHUA, people.cn, sina and Tencent. 

也可称之为news portal(新闻门户)。所谓的“门户”指的是页面含有很多链接,能链接到其它网站的内容。新华网、人民网、新浪、腾讯等都是News sites。

5. Forums 论坛 (lùn tán)

Tianya, maopu, tieba and NetEase forum 



I was so glad to find this thread, and to know that lots of people have the same problem as me!


6. Portfolios 名人主页 (míng rén zhǔ yè)

You can find the works of some artists, photographers and models. 


7. Wikis 百科网站 (bǎi kē wǎng zhàn)

Net users can edit and post on these wikis, like Baidu, 360 encyclopedia. 


Wikipedia is thought to be the world's largest wiki with more than 280,000 articles.


8. Tutorial sites 教程类网站 (jiāo chéng lèi wǎng zhàn)

Tutorials on photographing, computer programming can be found on these websites. An expert of a field is available there for students to contact. 


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