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Rain in Early Spring by Han Yu

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Rain in Early Spring《初春小雨》

Tiān jiē xiǎo yǔ rùn rú sū,


The royal streets are moistened by a creamlike rain;

cǎo sè yáo kàn jìn què wú.


Green grass can be perceived afar but not nearby.

Zuì shì yīnián chūn hǎo chù,


It's the best time of a year, 

jué shèng yān liǔ mǎn huáng dū.


With its capital veiled in willows to outvie the late spring.

This four-line poem, composed of seven characters, praises the beauty of early spring. The first line poetically describes the light showers of early spring as "润如酥,"or, fine and dewy. The second line links closely to the first, in its depiction of the tender grass in the dewy mist after the spring rain. The third and fourth lines continue to praise the beauty of early spring.


This poem celebrates the beauty of the rain in early spring. The evocative images of the rain are only eclipsed by its importance as the bringer of water for the harvest. Thus, the saying "最是一年春好处" developed. The poet perfectly grasps the nature of the early spring rain, while simultaneously celebrating its beauty. The characters are so powerful they practically overflow with joy.



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