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Chinlingo Chinese character: 虫

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The character itself is like a worm.



The character "虫" (chónɡ) looks exactly like a wiggly worm with tentacles on the head.



In modern Chinese, "虫" is the general name of all worms, insects or bugs, including "蝗虫" (huáng chónɡ, locust), "毛毛虫" (máo máo chónɡ, caterpillar), "青虫" (qīng chónɡ, cabbageworm), "蛔虫" (huíchòng, roundworm), and so on.



In addition, "虫" also refers to a person indulged in something, like "书虫" (shū chónɡ, bookworm) and "网虫" (wǎnɡ chónɡ, net potato), or derogatorily refers to a person with some undesirable characteristic, like "懒虫" (lǎn chónɡ, lazy bone) and "糊涂虫" (hú tu chónɡ, blunderer).

"虫"也可用来形容沉迷某事物而无法自拔的人,比如,"书虫"(shū chónɡ)、"网虫"(wǎnɡ chónɡ)。还可指具有某种特点的人,多有贬义的色彩。如"懒虫"(lǎn chónɡ)、"糊涂虫"(hú tu chónɡ)。


"虫" is also an important radical in forming other characters, which are usually related to insects and animals, like "虾" (xiā, shrimp), "蚁" (yǐ, ant), "蛇" (shé, snake), "蛙" (wā, frog).


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