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Foreigners: Are Chinese girls easy to hang out with?



Once you have lived with or have a serious relationship with one, they are not easy, if you mean one night stands i would say no again, but if you mean girls that hang round expat bars some are and will be easy, but on an average percentage of women in China to the few that hang round bars i would say no in general they are not.



I would say easy to meet. The women are friendly. Easy to bed maybe not with the right kind of woman. The GF I dated and write to now is not easy. I sometimes wonder if she is smart enough to play the hard to get game. At first we would go out for dinner and drinks. We would go to restaurant and she would say she ate at home, after doing this a few times I went hungry rather than eat in front of her. When we went for a drink, her GF joined us. They each nursed one beer all night. I never saw any gold digging tendencies.   I know she doesn't make much money and it is slow for her work now.



Someone told her phone and I offered to buy her a new iphone 4. I can buy them cheaper here than in China. She refused the phone. I'm impressed. Are they easy , no. Maybe the gold diggers are. But this is the same in any country.



The only easy girls in China are either looking for that foreign experience or looking for money and a better life (like anywhere on the planet).Any girl worth being with here (on so many levels) is a challenge and a long term endeavor…even more so than back west, but worth it.



What a question. Seems simple but really racist and sexist. Every Chinese woman should be offended for being singled out in this manner. In reality I think Chinese women are very virtuous and those who may be "easy" are driven by a variety of motives. Don’t use race as a basis of your question. I am an Australian man and my wife is Chinese woman. She is a very caring and loving person .


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