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The moon an the fortified pass – Li Bai

The bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven
In an infinite haze of cloud and sea,
And the wind, that has come a thousand miles,
Beats at the Jade Pass battlements….
China marches its men down Baideng Road
While Tartar troops peer across blue waters of the bay….
And since not one battle famous in history
Sent all its fighters back again,
The soldiers turn round, looking toward the border,
And think of home, with wistful eyes,
And of those tonight in the upper chambers
Who toss and sigh and cannot rest.


明月出天山, 苍茫云海间;
长风几万里, 吹度玉门关。
汉下白登道, 胡窥青海湾。
由来征战地, 不见有人还。
戍客望边色, 思归多苦颜;
高楼当此夜, 叹息未应闲。


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